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Elite Garden Curation

Live Plants & Flower Garden Design Services

Our garden revival will breath new life into your existing garden.

Garden Revival, Regeneration, and Beautification

We believe that everyone should have a stunning outdoor space tailored to their needs. Brenda Berkley Designs specializes in garden revival, regeneration, and beautification.

We want to create a compelling destination for you and your family to enjoy.

We want to collaborate with you to help shape, visualize, and realize a space that uses resources wisely, respects the environment, stirs emotions, and enriches the natural beauty of your garden.

We help breathe new life into existing gardens by bringing a fresh perspective and an understanding of what plants need to thrive while factoring in your style and your property’s unique characteristics.

With our just-for-you garden design, planting concepts, installation services, and product sourcing we can make your dream garden a reality.

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Garden Curation