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Concierge Floral Services

Exquisite, Designer Floral Arrangements, Elite Botanicals, and Artisanal Garden Installations for Prestigious Homes and Grand Events.

The highest standard of fresh flowers and plants inspires an immediate lift and adds interest to any room.

Brenda Berkley Designs creates arrangements that are crafted to enhance the areas in which you spend most of your time and are carefully displayed where they are enjoyed. In-home florals are an easy way to brighten up and beautify your home, office, or personal space.

Having years of experience to produce elegance every time. She specializes in customized arrangements that are created to uplift and impress using the finest nature has to offer, and every arrangement is designed to create an on-trend look you won’t find anywhere else.


Brenda Berkley designs elegance…

Bold and expressive. Botanical creations to perfectly fit every living space.


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Fresh Live Plants & Flowers
Garden Curation

Brenda Berkley concierge in-home flower services. World-class luxurious floral exclusive to your individual living space with beautiful in a way that is uniquely you…

Our exclusive floral services include:

• Custom Design Consultation

We begin with an in-home consultation, where Brenda personally visits your space to understand its dynamics, color scheme, and personal style. This helps in crafting designs that are not only beautiful but also harmonious with your home’s aesthetic.

• Room-Specific Arrangements

Whether it’s a grand centerpiece for the living room, a delicate arrangement for the bedroom, or a welcoming bouquet for the entryway, our designs are tailored to complement each specific room in your home.

• Seasonal Themes and Occasions

We offer floral designs that align with seasonal themes, holidays, or special family occasions. Whether it’s a festive Christmas display, a spring refresh, or decorations for a family celebration, we ensure the flowers enhance the mood and spirit of the occasion.

• Longevity-Focused Selections

Understanding the importance of durability, especially in a home setting, we select flowers that not only look stunning but also last longer. We also provide care instructions to help maintain the vibrancy of the arrangements.

• Eco-Friendly and Safe Options

For homes with pets or small children, we offer arrangements that are both safe and eco-friendly, using non-toxic plants and sustainable materials.

• Regular Maintenance Visits

For clients who prefer a constantly refreshed look, we provide regular maintenance visits to replace or rejuvenate existing arrangements, ensuring your home always has fresh and beautiful flowers.

• Specialized Decor for Home Events

Be it a small family gathering, a dinner party, or a home celebration, we offer specialized floral decor services to create the perfect ambiance for your event.

• Floral Care Subscription Services

For those who wish to enjoy fresh flowers regularly, we offer subscription services where new, seasonally appropriate arrangements are delivered to your home at a frequency of your choosing.


Creating a living space that is not just visually stunning but also a reflection of your personality and style, enhanced by the natural beauty of flowers.

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