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We’re here in Santa Monica Canyon at Rustic Canyon Park we are in between two homes we’ve already installed a home in the canyon now we’re in the park and we’re going to pull out the arrangements and freshen them add water spritz them and make sure they look really beautiful then we’re going to put them back in the truck and drive them to the second home where we will bring the plants into the home place them appropriately we customize our florals to the style and taste of the client.

We really like to accent and highlight the beauty of each individual home this is typically what we do we go to two or three homes in a day and people really feel the energy of the flowers and plants and they really appreciate how much it impacts their daily life and inspires them so if you would like to see how we can transform your space with this beautiful assortments give us a call! we’d love to come to see your office or home and give you an idea of what we can do!

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