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Brenda Berkley Designs is a custom floral design studio. Brenda Berkley is a designer, author, and entrepreneur. In love with the beauty of nature her entire life. With extensive experience to bring to the creative process along with joy and love of the renewal and energy it brings.

Brenda uses the energy and vibrancy of the most beautiful flowers and healthiest plantings to energize any space. Her designs are customized and created to uplift and regenerate using the finest nature has to offer. Each arrangement is created with beauty, simplicity, and harmony in mind. She produces elegance. Her configurations are bold and expressive.

Each botanical creation is crafted to perfectly fit every living space using her years of experience to translate what is needed and desired.

Brenda Berkley and Katyrose Berkley

Brenda Berkley and Katyrose Berkley

Release Nature’s Elegance with Brenda Berkley’s Bespoke Floral Creations

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Fresh flowers delivered complete or designed onsite!

Brenda Berkley designer authorTo design in Zen is to create with beauty, simplicity, and harmony in mind and to honor the true nature of every material. When applied to flower arranging, the Zen approach allows us to discover each flower's underlying qualities and use those qualities to enliven rooms, uplift spirits, and nurture lives. Zen Flowers shows both novices and seasoned designers how minimalism's ideals and spiritual values can be applied efficiently to floral compositions.

Author Brenda Berkley, owner of a Los Angeles boutique design studio, shares her holistic perspective and provides a few fundamental principles rather than a strict set of rules for making simple but spectacular arrangements. Illustrated with 125 lush photographs, this elegant book demonstrates how to get started with flowers, choose the perfect container, work with light, space, and decor, and how a flower's color, texture, shape, and form affect design. The reader is also invited to embrace the finer points of forming compositions, such as the proportion of flower to container. As delicately beautiful as it is quietly profound, this unique celebration of flowers shows how a touch of nature's bounty can transform an ordinary room into a tranquil sanctuary.

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