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Unique Floral Creations, Exquisite Designer Flowers

Elite botanicals, exquisite designer fresh plants & flowers… artisanal gardens for prestigious homes and grand events, indulge in opulence… Brenda Berkley Designs transform spaces with custom floral artistry.  The pinnacle of sophisticated elegance in floral design, Brenda weaves the luxurious beauty of nature with elegance and vitality.

Each of her creations, a testament to extensive experience and commitment to excellence,  transcends an area into an exquisite environment for exclusive and distinguished clientele.

Event Focal Floral

From private events to engagement parties, and bridal showers to weddings, we provide unique floral arrangements to create memorable moments.

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Unique Floral Creations, Exquisite Designer Flowers, Elite Botanicals, and Artisanal Gardens for Prestigious Homes & Grand Events.

Indulge in natural opulence with our floral artistry.

Client quotes…

“Flower: 1. bloom, tribute; 2. choicest part, finest part; 3. open, be in flower, develop fully mature, ripen, flourish. Brenda infuses all of these synonyms into her art. The essence of her quiet arrangements is intoxicating. Their colorful grace and balance inspire us daily to behold … the flower.”

— Kate Capshaw-Spielberg

In-Home Floral

In-Home Floral

Event Floral

Event Flowers

Garden Curation

Garden Curation

Designer Floral

Brenda Berkley Designs’ in-home floral services are about creating a living space that is not just visually stunning but also a reflection of your personality and style, enhanced by the natural beauty of flowers, plants and trees.

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Room-Specific Arrangements

Whether it’s a grand centerpiece for the living room, a delicate arrangement for the bedroom, or a welcoming bouquet for the entryway, our designs are tailored to complement each specific room in your home.

Brenda Berkley Designs Event and In-home Floral

Specialized Decor for Luxury Events!

Transform Your Space with Brenda Berkley’s Floral Artistry

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Each arrangement is created with beauty, silent simplicity, and harmony in mind. From seasonal bouquets to lavish flower arrangements, your flowers will be admired throughout the entire event.

Seasonal Floral

In-Home Floral

Event Floral

Garden Curation